November 17, 2017

How to Take your Own Family Photo

How to Take your Own Family Photo

It’s almost Thanksgiving and it just hit you. You don’t have any gifts and possibly scarier you may need to figure out how to bake a turkey and a homemade pie. Your friends are flooding social media with their new family pics and you don’t have one. Don’t worry!  I have you covered on one thing. This was me last year without a family photo and I AM a photographer.  Whether you just didn’t have time or it wasn’t in the budget this year for family pics you still have time to whip one up.  Chances are you have some event in the next week (eh-hem Thanksgiving) where you will be tidied up and the kids hair will be brushed so how do you take advantage of this and take your own family picture…

Tip #1

Do it BEFORE the event. Tell the kids “we GET to do a fun family photo to send our friends before we do ___!” This sounds waaaay different than “You WILL do this …or else.”

Tip #2

Find a spot with nice even lighting. Shade is easiest especially if you are using an iPhone.

Tip #3

Ask someone to take a couple pics if possible. Ideally one vertical and one horizontal and have the phone/camera far back enough to include space above and below you (cause we know you haven’t picked the card out and we don’t know where any text might be). You can ALWAYS zoom in but you can’t zoom out.  If there is nobody available you can use a self-timer or a remote.  I have THIS one from amazon that works magic for us.

Tip #4

Be goofy!! Say something silly to make the kids laugh. Ask them how many pieces of pie they are gonna eat. Make your best turkey sound. Whatever it takes!

Tip #5

Order cards however you choose but one HUGE time-saver is the Minted stand alone pre-addressed envelopes! Two years ago I managed to order the cards but didn’t have time to address them all so I only sent out half before giving up. I created a file for Minted and now I the envelopes arrive already addressed. It’s amazing!!! The kids stamp the return address (though Minted also has return address options) and VOILA!

how to take your own family holiday card picture

This is how we took our own family picture last year.  We had my sister Katie do a quick picture of us before a breakfast with santa (this was honestly 10 days before Christmas) to put on a card and mail out juuuuust in time.  I absolutely love how it turned out and hopefully you will love yours too! The reason I recommend doing it before is because if we had done it after they would have been covered in hot chocolate and consumed 10 donuts each.

This is obviously no substitute to hiring a professional photographer to get lots of fun shots and candid moments but it does the trick if you need one good shot for a card if your family pics aren’t up to date. The lovely Sherry did our family photos a few weeks ago and I LOVE them and could never have done anything remotely close to them myself or without the help of an incredibly talented photographer like her to make the kids burst out laughing for an hour straight.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have the best turkey day surrounded by those you love and eat lots of pie!!

xo, Susie

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