November 27, 2017

How to Edit Photos on Your Phone | White Balance

How to Edit Photos on Your Phone | White Balance

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I’m going to be sharing with you some simple tips on how to edit photos on your phone. This example being on how you can get colors to look accurate and whites looking white even when using just your phone for editing. Think of a good before/after on a Tide commercial!  Your white balance can be the difference in a good photo and one worth framing.  Here is a before and after of a photo I took on my iPhone while my daughter and I were at an art studio.  The lighting was very yellow and it was a gloomy day.  The images were a bit blah so I did a little magic to spruce them up…

App to download:

  • Lightroom (**freebie PDF** here are a couple other apps I love and why)

I like LR because it allows you to make slight modifications to enhance your images without overpowering them (and dating them) with trendy filters.  This is a very similar but scaled down technique for how I edit the images from my camera on the Lightroom desktop application.

 Lightroom App

Ok let’s go.  You’ll be amazed at the difference a simple white balance correction can make to improve the look of your photos and Lightroom has a really easy feature that helps.

  • Select your image from your camera roll
  • Find color option on the bottom menu (image 1)
  • The white balance as a default is set to “as shot”
  • As you can see the “auto” white balance feature can overcorrect. (image 2)
  • It detected a lot of magenta from the paint and overcompensated to make it way too green.
  • You will see on the right side a dropper tool *your new best friend* selecting it will create a little target on the image
  • Move the target around the image until you find a portion of the image that is slightly off-white
  • Note: It can’t be too bright or or else it won’t be able to read the color (image 3).
  • Try a wrinkle in a white shirt, the trim on a window, light colored building, in this case I used the crease/shadow on the edge of the plate. (image 4)
  • Selecting this area and hitting the check mark will create a Custom White Balance. Ta daaaa!

This little trick will help getting accurate skin tones and accurate colors in all your images.  Once you have your white balance set you can adjust your exposure and add a little contrast if you like to jazz it up.  Having crisp whites accentuates all the other colors in the image.

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